The Social Science Human Subjects Lab Pool provides access to a large subject pool of undergraduate students for conducting “no more than minimal risk” research studies only (i.e., Exempt or Expedited Research Studies). We use a web-based human subject pool management software called Sona Systems in order for researchers to recruit participants.

In order to use our system, your research study must be reviewed and approved by UCI’s Institutional Review Board. The Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) provides specific guidelines to researchers on how to get started, special issues related to human subjects research, the protocol review process, and access to online forms.

Researchers who wish to recruit participants via the HS Lab Pool must provide compensation via course credit (only) at a rate comparable to their time spent (e.g., 1/2 credit for 1/2 hour of participation). If compensation will be provided by cash or other methods only (i.e., not course credit), the HS Lab Pool cannot be used as a recruitment method.



You can recruit participants via the HS Lab Pool *if* you have received UCI's IRB approval to recruit via this method. 

If you want to use the HS Lab Pool to recruit participants, follow the below guidelines for NEW or EXISTING IRB Protocols.

- For NEW Protocols: Complete and upload the Lab Ad Form along with your other documents (e.g., Protocol Narrative, Study Information Sheet, Consent Form) to your e-IRBAPP. Directions on how to submit a new HS protocol to the IRB for review can be found here:

- For EXISTING Protocols: Complete and upload the Lab Ad Form along with any other required documents (e.g., updated Protocol Narrative, Consent Form, Study Information Sheets) via an e-MOD Request. Directions on how to submit an e-MOD Request for IRB review can be found here:



Once you have received IRB approval to use the HS Lab Pool for recruitment purposes, you must send the following documents in order to get your account set up in Sona Systems:

  • HS Lab Pool Application Form (Note: This is an internal form that does not require IRB review or approval.)
  • UCI IRB Approval Letter (for Expedited Protocols) or Confirmation Letter (for Exempt Registration)
  • IRB-Approved Protocol Narrative
  • IRB-Approved HS Lab Pool Ad
  • IRB-Approved Consent Form *or* Study Information Sheet (if waiver of written consent was granted)


Send the documents to the HS Lab Pool for review at: Once your documents have been reviewed and your account set up, you will receive an email from us.

Please review the Instructions for Researchers Handout for guidance on what to do after your account has been set up.



You may continue to use the HS Lab Pool as long as you are: 1) Approved to continue recruitment via the HS Lab Pool and, more importantly, 2) your protocol is in approved status.

If your study has EXPIRED, you cannot continue use of the HS Lab Pool for recruitment purposes. Your study will be suspended in Sona Systems and will be re-opened once you have provided us with your current IRB-approved documents for verification.



If you are interested in using space available in the HS Lab Pool suite, please contact us for available days and times at:



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