Being part of a large research university brings with it many opportunities. One opportunity is to participate in research being conducted by various departments on campus.

Each quarter, many classes offer extra-credit points to students who choose to participate in research experiments through the Human Subjects Lab Pool.

If your class offers extra credit for research participation through our Human Subjects Lab, the following should be clearly stated:

  1. Participating in research is a purely voluntary opportunity.
  2. For those who want to pursue extra credit points, but not through research participation, there are alternative ways to garner the same number of points. These alternatives may be of equal or less time and difficulty.
  3. There is a clear hour-to-point conversion factor, so you know exactly how your participation hours/credits will be converted to points in the classroom.

To find out more about participating in research and to sign-up for experiments, please review the following handout: Participant (Student) Handout


If you are interested in participating as a subject, we suggest that you sign up early in the quarter. Your extra credit points should show up in your personal profile within 24 hours after you complete each study, and your instructor will receive reports of how many hours you have completed at the end of the quarter.


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